Thursday, May 27, 2010

Want To Be Healthy? Get Some Sleep!

Most of us have busy days and hectic work schedules. And not to mention, a boat load of work to finish. But, to cope up with these stress levels you want to be healthy. You opt to drink lots and lots of vitamins and supplements just to be so called healthy. But, the question is are you really healthy?

Well, the answer is maybe. Our bodies are not machines that you can just leave on for hours and hours. Wait, even machines wear down. How much more a human body, right? So, what you need is some much needed rest of around 8 hours. This is ideal to maintain or improve health. Why do we need sleep?

Duh! It is no brainer! We all need sleep to get some rest and for our body's machineries to rest.

So, we benefit from sleep in numerous ways. Here are some good benefits we get when sleeping.

  • Rest! Our bodies relax and regain energy sources.
  • Increase hormones in our body. It is a fact that when we sleep we secrete hormones that help our bodies function better. (And on side note: Everytime we get stressed, we tend to get fatter)
  • Increase enzymes in our body that help with our bodily function
  • Increase and improve your immune system
  • Helps your capability to remember things
Most of the things, that sleep provides you are good and needed to maintain and improve health. 
So, now you know that sleep is much more than just dreaming. Sleep actually makes you healthier each day!

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