Monday, May 10, 2010

So, May 10,2010 Is OVER! How did you find the ELECTIONS?

Today, May 11, 2010, Elections or Halalan 2010 is finally over. Voters have cast their votes and everything is all said and done. From what I experienced, it was one hell of a day! Hell? Because I just spent my whole day from 8 am to 6pm doing nothing but wait. The day was hot and humid, but luckily we all hope that we made the right vote for our countries future. Well, it is all our futures at stake, don't you think? We all just have to hope that our new so called elected officials will do the right thing, especially with our current health care system. And I hope it would not be as bad as the elections system being used.

So, with that said, keep checking out Euphoria Chronicles!

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