Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stress - Facts About it

Since, most of us are living in a world that is fast paced, we tend to forget and get lost in our work. With deadlines and work schedules to comply, all of us are experiencing stress almost everyday. Sad to say, being over stressed is an unhealthy experience to have. It is a fact that 75% of the world's general population experience moderate to high stress levels every two weeks. It is safe to say that over half of the world's population; therefore, experience unhealthy levels of stress at work.

 Stress can be divided in to (2) types:

1) Mental Stress - this type of stress is more or less mental exhaustion. Mental stress can be caused by anxiety,emotional problems, or social pressures. Generally, mental stress affects a person's mental health status.

2) Physical Stress-this type of stress is due to physical exhaustion. Some causes of physical stress can be 
working long hours, or working on physically challenging jobs.

What does stress do to your mind or body?

Based on, medical research and surveys, stress has been proven as a risk factor which leads to acute or chronic disease states. As for mental stress, it generally affects your state of mind,while for physical stress it affects your body.  It has documented that, people experience either mental or physical leads them to develop certain vices like alcohol and tobacco addictions, drug abuse and many more harmful behaviors. Sadly it does not end there, medical professionals have also noted that experiencing moderate to high levels of stress will likely cause one to develop diseases such as heart disease, stroke, hyper tension, and a low immune system. So, it is safe to say, that stress does in fact deter health. 

So, how do you keep stress levels at healthy levels?

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