Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Great Way to Stay Healthy – Drink Some Alcohol

With new studies being performed each year on how to stay healthy, we cannot deny that the debate concerning alcohol being good for the health has been going on for decades. Most people think drinking alcohol is bad for your health, and it is seen as a vice that destroys a person’s well-being. But luckily, new studies have proven that alcohol especially red wine is very beneficial to one’s health.  These studies have shown, that a person that drinks alcohol mildly will have decrease chances of having cardiovascular diseases, decreases chances of arteries and blood vessels hardening, decrease chances of having high blood pressure and most importantly it is said to increase life expectancy. No wonder, why the people of old drank wine and lived longer than us.
Well, we all know that the saying, “too much of everything is bad for your health”, will always hold true right? So, if alcohol is taken in moderate amounts; therefore, it is safe to say it is healthy. But, how much alcohol is good? Studies have shown that drinking 1 glass of wine or a glass of beer is beneficial to your health. But, keep in mind and always remember, it only says 1 GLASS! Please DO NOT OVER DO IT!
This is good news for you guys, who just like to drink to socialize. So, always remember to drink ONLY 1 glass of wine or beer. I really like to STRESS on ONE GLASS, because anything more than that is already totally wrong.
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